– Coin mixers to help preserve your privacy provides matchless protection against blockchain analysis. The mixer offers the lowest service fee and membership in a special discount program. The fee is from 0.5 % but after applying the discount, you pay even less.

How works

Coin mixers mix bitcoin your transactions with many others, or to put it simply – exchange your money for money received from many other users, so that the funds received will no longer be associated with the original owners. When you mix bitcoin, you send your coins to a specially generated for your transaction address belonging to the coin mixer and if it has good intentions, you will get someone else’s coins to enter your address, thereby breaking the chain and the connection between the original and the new owner of funds. In traditional financial systems, operations on the stock exchange or bookmakers committed using mirror rates can be analogous.

How to become an investment banker

Using you’re getting a lot of advantages:

  • A full protection against blockchain analysis
  • API for developers
  • Order history is removed automatically in 24 hours
  • Ability to indicate up to 10 receiving addresses
  • Low service fee from 0.5 %
  • Support in many languages
  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to send various crypto currencies
  • The Letter of Guarantee

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